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Crankbrothers Stamp Street Fabio shoe

Fabio Wibmer needs no introduction. Along with a full-time job designing signature shoes and pedals for Crankbrothers, bikes for Canyon, brakes for Magura, and goggles for POC, he still finds…

Score 7

Crankbrothers Mallet E Lace mountain bike shoes

Crankbrothers wants to get riders on the right pedals, so uses common names for both its clipless pedals and shoes. The Mallet E Lace, tested here, is built for trail…

Score 8

Crankbrothers HighLine 7

The price you see here is just for the Crankbrothers Highline 7 post (with inner and outer cables), so you’ll need to stump up an extra £54.99 for an underbar…

Score 6

Crankbrothers Gem Short mini pump

Gem pumps have been part of the Crankbrothers line for quite a while, and there are two lengths – long and short. It’s also one of the best mini-pumps on…

Score 9

Crankbrothers Stamp Lace

Crankbrothers offers both clip-in and flat shoes, and the Crankbrothers Stamp Lace is the company’s entry-level flat-pedal shoe.

Score 7

Crankbrothers Mallet E BOA

In my opinion – and judging by the paddock at World Cup DH and EWS enduro events, the opinions of most top racers too – Crankbrothers makes the best clip-in…

Score 9

crank brothers mallet e

The new Crank Brothers Mallet E features most of what we love about the burly Crank Brothers Mallet DH but in a slimmed-down package.

Score 10

Crank Brothers Synthesis i9

Crank Brothers Synthesis i9 wheelset uses a front ‘tracking’ wheel and rear ‘drive’ wheel; different spoke counts, wider front rim and thinner rear rim.

Score 8

Crank Brothers Multi M20

Any multi-tool worth its salt has to have some form of tubeless repair and that’s exactly what you get with the rejigged Crank Brothers Multi M20.

Score 9

crank brothers stamp lace

The upper of the Crank Brothers Stamp Lace is dialled, but still needs the rubber to match if it wants to steal a bit of Five Ten’s flat-pedal thunder.

Score 7

Crank Brothers is the only company to offer pedal platforms to match shoe size. The Stamp 7 LE is available with a small and large size.

Score 8

Crank Brothers Mallet DH

Ignore the DH tag, the Crank Brothers Mallet DH is a great pedal for trail use. The platform is the large and concave, your foot wholly contacts the body.

Score 10

crank brothers stamp

Feet come in different sizes, so why not pedals? That’s the question Crank Brothers asked itself before designing its range of Stamp flat pedals.

Score 7

Crank Bros Klik HV

Crank Bros has always been known for taking a sideways look at bike parts and creating their own, distinctive versions. Whilst these might have fallen short of the mark sometimes…

Score 9