Fancy a shoe with race-like efficiency but without the disco slipper style?

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Specialized 2FO Cliplite


  • Perfect blend of Gravity style and race efficiency.
  • Body Geometry technology helps stabilise your foot and joints.


  • Off-bike grip isn't great.


Specialized 2FO Cliplite shoe review


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The Specialized 2FO Cliplite blends gravity shoe looks and comfort with race-like pedalling efficiency. Making it suitable for all styles of riding.

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Spesh’s 2FO Cliplite shoe is especially lightweight and packs a firm, locked-down ride quality. The upper uses an almost seamless material that’s plenty stiff and supportive, and sculpted shapes, fabrics and textures inside really hold the foot tightly.

Using a composite stiffener down the sole improves rigidity, and the Spesh sole is more on the firmer side of the spectrum. Power transfer feels very direct then, amplified by Boa system’s strong hold and a wrap-round heel cup that really stabilises when cranking hard.

A squarer edge around the deeper cleat opening means it’s harder to clip in and out than some shoes here, and the sole doesn’t always play that nicely with all bigger platform clip pedals either.

Twin tensioning dials allow you to really crank the upper down, and it’s quick and easy to tune tension on the fly to alternate between ‘looser’ for cruising liaisons and ‘tighter’ for rallying DH stages at full tilt.

The thicker mid sole is well cushioned and isolates terrain well so the shoe is comfy all day, but together with the raised Metatarsal Button on the insole (that spreads toes for extra comfort), feet can feel a bit perched and detached from the bike hitting turns and jumps. This extra isolation can feel a bit numb and won’t suit riders wanting to sense exactly what’s happening under foot.

The Cliplites are extremely comfortable to walk in when it’s dry, but the lugged tread isn’t the grippiest in the wet. The 2FO price is at the top end too, albeit offset by the brilliant foot support and the excellent longevity and wear life we’ve seen in extended use with high-mileage riders.


Sizes:5 to 14
Colours:Black, Acid Mint