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Shimano GR7 flat shoe


Shimano GR7 flat shoe review


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The Shimano GR7 has a new, high-grip Michelin sole and uses laces rather than a tensioning loop system and also has a neoprene ankle collar.

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The Shimano GR7’s inside edge lacks the raised ankle protection of the GR9 model too, but this wasn’t really a feature we missed out on the trails.

Shimano’s latest generation of flat shoes are extremely comfortable with a very snug, cosy feel on feet and the comfy, wraparound, neoprene ankle cuff amplifies that sensation here further. The GR range appears to base stiffness around the chunky Michelin rubber outer sole, rather than a supportive midsole or shank, so there’s a slight sense the upper feels a little disconnected from the solid rubber lower.

Continuing this theme, one way to describe how Michelin’s dense sole feels connecting with the pedal is it’s a tiny bit like the bottom of a deck shoe in how the base rubber feels thick, but is also flexible and floppy enough to curl around the platform. It’s very comfortable, but you don’t get a strong sense of pedal shape and traction pin placement like you do with the Bontrager Flatline or the thinner Five Ten soles here.

Super snuggly, lightweight and with decent levels of grip, the GR7 feels almost invisible it’s so comfortable, and the soles last a long time before showing much damage. The price, build quality and durability are good, but we’d prefer more stiffness and solidity for the most demanding riding and terrain.


Weight:769g (pair)
Sizes:6 to 13
Colours:Blue, Grey/Green