Wolf Tooth Remote BarCentric has a ring shape and slides on between the left grip and brake lever. It has four positions so it clears lockouts or shifters.

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Wolf Tooth Remote Barcentric


Wolf Tooth Remote Barcentric review


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If you own a Scott full-suspension bike with the bar-mounted TwinLoc system and you’re running a dropper post, chances are you’ll be using an old-school dropper remote on the right-hand side of the handlebar above the shifter or a vertical lever wedged between the grip and the remote. I know this because that’s how Scott bikes come out of the factory, but there is a neater and more ergonomic solution that’s also fully TwinLoc compatible from Wolf Tooth. It’s called the Wolf Tooth Remote BarCentric.

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It’s machined from a high-quality 6061-T6 aluminium, and to keep everything smooth it runs on a high-spec Enduro bearing. It’s fully compatible with dropper posts that have the barrel end of the cable at the remote, as well as those that have the barrel end at the post – meaning you can anchor the inner cable at the remote or the post end.

I fitted the BarCentric to a Scott Contessa Strike eRide 910 and it fitted easily in the gap between the TwinLoc clamp and Bosch control unit. The body and lever are independently adjustable to one another, so I could have the cable exit point and lever position exactly where I wanted. The BarCentric has a really solid action, feels super smooth and has a textured paddle for added grip. There’s not a lot of throw needed to operate the dropper, which is helpful if you have small hands.

If you own a Scott full-suspension bike, the Wolf Tooth Remote BarCentric is a must-have upgrade that really neatens up the control centre and puts the dropper lever in a more intuitive position on the left-hand side. The only downside is the high cost, but this remote is superb quality and it should easily last the lifetime of your bike, if not longer.


Weight:42g (inner and outer cable not included)