Compared to a Reverb, the Easton Haven is similar in weight and ride height, but has less play

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Easton Haven Dropper Seatpost


Easton Haven dropper seatpost review


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The choice of dropper posts is set to broaden significantly this year, with new models in the pipeline from Bontrager, Funn and DVO. Also new, but available to buy now, is the new Easton Haven dropper.

It’s a cable-operated post that uses DropLoc technology licensed from Canadian brand manufacturer 9Point8.

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Rather than a traditional hydraulic set-up, which involves oil transferring from one chamber to another, the movement is controlled by an expanding collet that pushes against the inside surface of the upper tube.

The mechanism is hooked up to a regular gear cable, which routes through a Quick Connector threaded into the base of the post. This can be disconnected without affecting cable tension, making it easy to remove the post from the frame for servicing.

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The anchor point for the cable is sealed inside the bottom of the post, so mud and dirt can’t get in, which is great for frames with open seat tubes.

Setting up the Haven is relatively straightforward — thread the cable through the frame, fit the Quick Connector cable and screw it into the bottom of the post. You just need to remember cable tension has to be a lot looser than expected; almost baggy.

We’d like to see an under-bar remote as standard

We’d like to see an under-bar remote as standard

Easton includes a standard remote with the Haven, and an under-bar shifter-style hop-up is due soon, although you will have to pay £49.99 for it. The stock remote can be fitted either side of the bar and comes with a J-shaped noodle to route the cable away from the brake lever.

Due to cable tension, this noodle is a loose fit in the remote, causing the cable to fray at this point and allow dirt and water to get in.

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Another feature is that it uses really low air pressure (20-40psi) in the main spring. This reduces pressure on the main seal and makes for a smoother, lighter action.

To begin with, our test Haven was exactly that, but during the last month it has started to stick at the mid-point when released. Easton said that we might have a faulty post and has offered to replace in under warranty, which it would do for any customer.

Compared to a Reverb, the Easton Haven is similar in weight and ride height, but it’s £30 cheaper and has less play between the upper and lower shafts. We haven’t rated it as highly because it’s not fit-and-forget, and we think the under-bar remote should be included in the price, not as a £50 up-charge.


Sizes:30.9 and 31.6mm
Lengths:350 and 440mm
Drops:100, 125 and 150mm