Now infinitely adjustable with a lighter action and more compact remote lever

An all-new design sees Fox move on from their previous DOSS dropper. The new Transfer dropper post is still cable actuated but the new hydraulic internals have been rejigged.

The new Transfer post will be available in three drop options: 100mm, 125mm or 150mm. Saddle height is infinitely adjustable,unlike the DOSS dropper which had three indexed height positions (full height, fully dropped and a 40mm drop setting).

Close up of external routed post cable clamp

Close up of external routed post cable clamp

In either external or internal (commonly called “stealth”) designs. There will be two bar-mounted remotes available, which you opt for will depend if you still have a front derailleur or not.


Left-hand 1x remote

New remotes

If you run a 1x drivetrain there’s an under-the-bar left-side horizontal-axis remote. If you have a front mech shifter then there’s an around-the-bar left-or-right-side vertical-axis remote.

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Remote for front mech users

Whichever lever you go for it will be radically different from the hulking and complex remote found on the DOSS.

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There will also be two flavours of Transfer post available each with different coating to the upper tube. The Factory Series Transfer post will have Kashima coating. The Performance Series Transfer post will have black anodised coating.


External Performance version

New internals

The guts of the post have been redesigned to offer a lighter lever feel at the remote, with the possibility to regulate the return speed of the post for better small height adjustments. The stiff lever feel of the previous Fox DOSS dropper was an oft-heard complaint.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 12.38.28

We think the improved action and lever feel is a big reason why Fox have moved to an infinitely adjustable height dropper post design as opposed to the fixed positions of their previous DOSS dropper.

It’s a larger diameter hydraulic system than Fox have used before. This results in lower internal pressures required. Which, in theory, should result in improved durability as well as the aforementioned lighter lever feel.

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Pressure Relief Valve

There is also something called a ‘Pressure Relief Valve’ inside the post. This deals with the large pressure differences between chambers that can be found inside a dropper post during usage. Basically if the differences between chambers gets a bit too high then the Pressure Relief Valve lets some oil into a special area to equalise the pressures better.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 12.41.58

The Pressure Relief Valve relieves sudden spikes in pressure and also adjusts for thermal differences. The aim here is to get a consistent feeling post with improved durability.

We don’t have UK pricing yet. US pricing is $314.00 for the Factory Series Transfer post and $264.00 for the Performance Series Transfer post.