Crankbrothers makes one of the best dropper post remotes, but we were underwhelmed by the performance of its Highline 7 post.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Score 6

Crankbrothers HighLine 7


  • Highly adjustable remote. Easy saddle installation/removal.


  • Overall length means may not work with all frames and saddle heights. Play developed with our sample post. Expensive for what is effectively a Giant Contact Switch with different branding.


Crankbrothers HighLine 7 dropper post review


Price as reviewed:


The price you see here is just for the Crankbrothers Highline 7 post (with inner and outer cables), so you’ll need to stump up an extra £54.99 for an underbar Highline remote. That isn’t unusual, as plenty of companies offer the remote separately because it allows you to mix and match the best dropper seatposts with the best dropper post remotes.

The Highline remote has a similar ball and socket style fitment to the X-Fusion Manic, and you can adjust the lever position to multiple angles. Set-up is easy too, with the cable looped into the base of the post and then anchored at the lever.

There is quite a bit of throw in the lever, but it releases easily and you can even add some Traction Pads to the blade to improve the grip, and obviously coordinate with your frame.

The architecture of this post is good – it has a twin bolt head with a unique split clamp, which allows you to install the saddle without having to remove both of the anchor bolts. Tuning saddle tilt is easy, although it’s not a lightweight or particularly low-profile head. The HighLine 7 does have a shallow 19mm collar, but it’s a long post and we couldn’t get it all in our test frame, making it too high for our leg length.

Internally the HighLine 7 uses the same sealed cartridge as the Giant Contact Switch. It has the same twin Delrin keyways to help keep the post aligned, but play did develop in this dropper pretty quickly. The action is no different to the Giant Contact Switch either – it’s accurate rather than smooth.


Two great things about this post – the multi adjustable remote and the split clamp head, but the Highline 7 is not a lightweight post and it’s also one of the longest for the available drop on test. Our big issue though, is cost – it’s effectively a reskinned Giant Contact Switch. If you want Crankbrothers branding, you could maybe justify the premium, but essentially, you’re paying twice as much (more when you factor in the remote) for marginal gains in set up and one extra drop and one extra diameter.


Weight:615g, remote 36g
Drop:100, 125, 150 and 170mm
Sizes:30.9mm, 31.6mm