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X-Fusion Manic


X-Fusion Manic dropper post review


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The latest X-Fusion Manic is the latest in a long line of X-Fusion droppers and it’s available in 125mm and 150mm drop for only £200.

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It uses a simpler, fully sealed, hydraulic cartridge than its Hi Lo predecessor. This should restrict any potential mixing of air and oil (a primary cause of posts going saggy at full extension) and means it can also be easily and cheaply removed and fixed, or replaced if needed.

x-fusion manic

Overall finish and quality is excellent with a subtly textured exterior and very low profile, two-bolt seat clamp. This shallow head is paired with a stubby seat collar too, ensuring excellent standover clearance, to the point you can almost choose a bigger height drop since overall ride height is over 2cm lower than some posts here.

x-fusion manic

Another trick up X Fusion’s sleeve is that the actuator uses a spring-backed linkage to increase the leverage force of the remote. It’s a neat touch and means thumb pressure on the lever is multiplied when activating the Manic, and also that the cable snaps back more positively. With the lever pushing so lightly the action feels real precise and smooth, so it’s easy to make micro saddle adjustments riding along. The remote’s a cinch to position perfectly too, using a cold forged, ball and socket design, a great lever blade shape and a split clamp for easy installation.


Weight:622g post, 33g remote
Height options:125mm, 150mm
Diameter:30.9mm, 31.6mm