According to Specialized the Specialized Bridge Comp saddle is a bit of an all-rounder for both mountain biking and road use.

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Specialized Bridge Comp saddle


Specialized Bridge Comp saddle review


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Like all of Specialized’s saddles, the Specialized Bridge Comp saddle features the patented Body Geometry technology, which is lab-tested for both men and women to assure proper blood flow to sensitive arteries. What this means in reality is the Bridge has a broad, flat profile with pressure relieving channel down the centre. It also comes in two widths, so you can tune the fit and support to your body shape.

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Build quality is pretty standard – a carbon-reinforced Nylon shell sits on lightweight hollow cro-mo rails and it’s covered with Specialized’s Level 2 padding. This is a medium-density foam that is claimed to strike the perfect balance between bike feel and cushioning. It actually feels pretty firm and first impressions are that there’s not a lot of give.

You might not be able to see from the pictures, but underneath the Bridge are a couple of threaded holes onto which you can bolt the MTB Bandit – a sort of tube/CO2 holder. You may also notice a couple of plastic bumpers on the front and rear, which do help keep everything neat and tidy, but I can feel the hard edge of front when I’m riding.

Initially I thought the Bridge was too hard, especially compared to the Ergon and SDG saddles I’ve rated previously, but I did get used to it. It’s flatter than most of those saddles too, which does mean it’s more supportive and your sit bones are definitely going to hit a flat spot.

The Specialized Bridge Comp saddle is sleek and the finish is good but £90 for a saddle with just hollow steel rails, a standard Nylon shell and plain synthetic leather cover seems like a lot. I can’t fault the comfort but the price is hard to swallow.


Widths:143 and 155mm