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Nukeproof Vector DH Sam Hill saddle


Nukeproof Vector DH Sam Hill saddle review


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This Nukeproof Vector DH Sam Hill signature saddle is a more conventional DH design in that it has an incredibly flat profile with minimal padding

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The premise is you stand up more often when racing DH, using it as a prop rather than something you need to sit on and pedal.

To ensure the saddle doesn’t catch on your shorts or interfere when you’re shredding, the Vector DH has a slightly dropped nose but the leading edge is pretty sharp and we found this can dig in a little bit. It’s one of the shortest saddles on test but combined with the slight V-shaped tale this provide extra tyre clearance. This is because on some downhill/enduro bikes, especially ones with bigger wheels, the rear tyre can buzz the back of the saddle.

The Vector has an integrated traction strip to aid wet weather grip and, while this is only a 3D printed sticker and isn’t as dynamic as the pleated Lorica cover on Sam Hill’s signature mud saddle, it does provide some purchase.

The Vector is not as comfortable as the SDG Bel Air 2.0 or Fabric Scoop but it is lightweight, hardwearing and, since it seems to be constantly discounted on the CRC website, excellent value for money.

To keep the weight down, the saddle features a lightweight shell and CrN-Ti rails. This is simply a hollow cromo that’s got some extra element in it for stiffness and greater impact strength. The microfabric cover is neat and tidy underneath and beneath that is triple-density foam padding. Nukeproof also cuts a channel down the length of the Vector to reduce perineum pressure.