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Fabric Scoop Radius saddle


Fabric Scoop saddle review


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Fabric Scoop Pro Team Radius saddle review

Price: £129.99

Fabric’s Scoop saddle range offers a bewildering array of options that, on first glance, can feel overwhelming. But when you start to break the range down you’ll see that there’s a clear hierarchy that makes choosing relatively simple. The Pro Team Radius version we have here is one of the top end versions with super light carbon rails. The Radius is the most rounded of the Scoop’s three shape options. And it’s this one that should appeal the most to us MTBers as it provides ample support for riding in a more upright position. The padding is almost luxurious when conducting the thumb squidge test and provides the perfect support when actually riding (You don’t want your weight pushing through to the harder base on longer rides). In fact I would go as far as saying the Scoop is probably one of the most comfortable saddles I have ever ridden.

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The shape of the Radius provides good support when both climbing on the nose or when locking your butt into the raised tail for those singletrack power moves. The microfibre cover is seamless and manages to balance the line between slip and grip. It did suffer a little damage during a recent trip to Italy but looking at the rocks I hit it actually held up remarkably well!

This Pro version is only available in black, thanks to the carbon rails but if you drop lower then there is a wide range of colour options. if you must have the best then Fabric also do a full carbon version of the Scoop for two hundred quid. But if the Pro version seems a little rich for your tastes, the good news is all of the important bits can be found on the Sport version for way less than forty quid.

Fabric Scoop Pro Team Radius saddle verdict

The Fabric Scoop Pro Team Radius offers a sublime level of comfort independent of riding conditions and style of bike. It has a more rounded profile, relying on it’s padding and flexible base to supply the comfort. It’s easy to navigate quickly when needed and the fact that the different price points do little to impact on the comfort is a bonus.

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Fabric Scoop Radius Elite saddle review

Price: £39.99

Fabric’s sleek, beautifully packaged Scoop is something of a benchmark perch. The smooth, minimal finish is the result of a three-part bonding process that melds the waterproof cover to a coloured base, uninterrupted by any stitching or staples, which makes it a cinch to keep clean.

For £40, the Elite, cro-mo-railed model comes in a trio of profiles, with progressively deeper curves, suitable for everything from XC to downhill.

The three shapes are a matter of taste. Leant-forward for endurance or XC riding, the flattest (and lightest) shape matches a more rotated hip and pelvis, while the curvier Radius is more trail riding-friendly, with extra padding and deeper-dished geometry.

Over rough ground, all three shapes share an extremely cushioned feel, and feature a flexible chassis that has a lot of inherent give, without being too twangy when pedalling hard.

Being so outwardly smooth, with no Kevlar panels or exposed stitching, we found muddy shorts can slip around a bit. The overall height from rails to the crown is taller than some, which is important if getting your saddle as low as possible is a priority. These observations aside, the Scoop is tough, affordable and a near perfect product.

Fabric Scoop Radius Elite saddle verdict

The Fabric Scoop is tough, affordable and a pretty perfect product.


Width options:142mm
Actual width:137mm