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Deity Speedtrap saddle


Deity Speedtrap saddle review


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Flip the Deity Speedtrap over and you’ll see SDG written there. It’s collaboration between the two – SDG designs shell and rails, Deity does the rest.

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The Speedtrap is a long saddle but it’s pretty slimline and, like the Burgtec The Cloud Mk2, it has a flatter profile with less of a pronounced rearwards wedge. It’s also less contoured and has pretty firm padding. It’s narrow over the nose area and there is a little bit of bulge here, which we could feel when we shuffled forward on the climbs. We eventually angled the nose of the Speedtrap slightly, which did a couple of things – it stopped the beak of the saddle snagging our shorts, alleviated this hot spot and created a bit more of an angle to push against when climbing.

The Speedtrap is an easy saddle to move around, you can really get off the back quickly on the steep stuff but you don’t stay as centred. Ergon adds a grip surface to its saddle to stop this movement and if Deity wants the Speedtrap to appeal to Enduro/DH riders then it maybe could offer that as an option.

The construction is first class – it has hollow chromoly rails, high-quality EVA foam, a synthetic cover with hard-wearing Kevlar side panels and embossed logo that has, so far, proved pretty durable. Deity also makes a swanky titanium railed version £99.99 but it’s only available in black and white.

The Speedtrap is sleek, looks expensive and is not a bad price or weight but it’s not as comfortable on a long all-day trail ride as our test winner.