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Deity Skywire carbon handlebar

Most trail, enduro and electric mountain bikes come fitted with full width bars, usually with a good shape and a reasonably low weight. With this in mind, if you’re going…

Score 7

Deity Copperhead stem

Like a lot of the best mountain bike stems, the Deity Copperhead is CNC machined from a solid block of 6061-T6 series aluminium, and is offered in 35mm and 50mm…

Score 7

Deity Speedway Carbon handlebar

Designed for DH and enduro, Deity’s Speedway is the brand’s burliest 35mm carbon bar. It comes in a massive 810mm width, laid up with unidirectional carbon using in-house only moulds.…

Score 7

Deity Bladerunner

Plenty of the best flat pedals, like these Deity Bladerunners, strive to be super thin. In fact Deity claims they are its lowest profile (and lightest) model. But to achieve…

Score 6

Deity Deftrap pedal

Most flat pedal manufacturers now have a more affordable nylon option in their range and the latest with a placky-platform is Deity.

Score 9

Deity Skywire 35 carbon

Deity has only recently offered bigger bore, 35mm diameter, handlebars. The range includes two carbon options, with the Skywire here the lighter weight enduro/all-mountain model.

Score 8

Deity Knuckleduster

Deity’s Knuckleduster blends three patterns in one. Offset chevron ridges comfort the outer palm, fine ribs damp the thumb and forefinger, and a deeper waffle-pattern underneath adds extra finger hold.…

Score 8

deity tmac

Red Bull Rampage rider Tyler McCaul’s Deity TMAC pedals are on the bigger side of the spectrum. Well-positioned sharp pins keep shoes totally locked down.

Score 9

Deity Speedtrap

Flip the Deity Speedtrap over and you’ll see SDG written there. It's collaboration between the two – SDG designs shell and rails, Deity does the rest.

Score 7