If you're on a limited budget, then this saddle could be a good option though there are a few minus points particularly if you do a lot of climbing or riding in wet conditions

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Burgtec The Cloud MKII


  • Pressure relief depression, bonded cover, hollow cro-mo rails


  • Narrow, little flex, flat design is easy to slide off back, slippery when wet


Burgtec The Cloud MKII saddle review


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You might think you’re seeing double with this review, because apart from some slight cosmetic differences, the Burgtec The Cloud is identical to the Gusset S2 AM. It’s made in the same factory, which is nothing new, but we’re pointing this out because the saddles are not the same price; The Cloud is actually better value.

The Cloud is wrapped in a synthetic leather cover, which is bonded onto the Nylon base. This process was showcased exclusively by Charge (now Fabric) on its saddles a few years ago but has now become available to all manufacturers. Traditional covers are glued and stapled and are also stretched, so are under tension. That means that if a staple gives way the whole cover comes loose. Essentially the bonded design is cleaner and more durable. 

To alleviate pressure on the Pudendal artery and reduce numbness, The Cloud has slight depression in the centre, but it’s quite a narrow saddle and there’s not a lot of flex in the base. The profile is pretty flat too, so you can slide back easily when descending, but there’s no shoulder to offer support when climbing. In wet and slippery conditions, we’d skate around on the surface way too easily.

Although the shape of the rails is the same as the Gusset S2 AM, they’re stamped with a CrN/Ti alloy logo. This is a hollow cro-mo with a hard wearing surface treatment – weight and strength are no different. The rails are offset into the base, which looks like it’d flex a bit to enhance comfort, but The Cloud is just as wooden as the S2 AM and WTB SL8. 


If you want a sleek, sharp, race saddle for your enduro or XC bike, both the Burgtec and Gusset would be a good choice. They’re not the most comfortable, but they’re both excellent value. We’d recommend the Burgtec over the Gusset because it’s cheaper, but see the latter in the sale and those roles are reversed. 


Rails:Hollow cro-mo