A slightly different take on the mini-pump design from German brand SKS.

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Score 7

SKS AirFlex Explorer mini-pump


  • Comfortable to use. Smooth action.


  • Fiddly to remove hose. Expensive.


SKS AirFlex Explorer mini-pump review


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The all-aluminium SKS AirFlex Explorer mini-pump is a reverse design with the handle coming into the base, which means there’s quite a bit to grip onto and it’s comfortable to hold during inflation. Underneath a rubber cap, on the end of the pump, is a retractable hose. We like that it’s not separate like the Lezyne, but the cap is a really tight fit and the hose is embedded so deeply inside the shaft that it is hard to get hold of. On the plus side, the hose does feature a simple dual head for the different valve types – you simply twist and pull it out for Presta. The design also means you only have to twist this part and not the whole pump to thread it on the valve stem.

Getting air into our test tyre was about average. The AirFlex Explorer has a smooth action and extends from about 200mm to 320mm, so does push a decent amount of volume, although we did get a bit bogged down and had to work hard for those last few PSI.

The AirFlex Explorer has an offset frame clamp with a rubber strap, but you do need to mount the pump across the join to stop it springing open mid-ride.


A good quality pump, which is reflected in the price, but pulling out that hose, with gloves on, in freezing weather is fiddly and frustrating.


Strokes:50-2psi, 100-8psi, 200-17psi