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SKS Airflex mini-pump

The all-aluminium SKS AirFlex Explorer mini-pump is a reverse design with the handle coming into the base, which means there’s quite a bit to grip onto and it’s comfortable to…

Score 7

SKS Mudrocker mudguard

What do we want from the best mountain bike mudguards? Protection from mud and spray flicked up by the front wheel, obviously, but there are other important features too. A…

Score 10

SKS Anywhere Bottle Cage Adapter

It’s simple and effective, but only on bikes with conventional size tubes and front triangles, which are those likely to have bottle cage mounts anyway.

Score 7

The SKS Airchecker 2 pressure gauge costs £27.99

This light and simple-to-use SKS Airchecker 2 pressure gauge from the German brand means you never have to worry about running the wrong tyre pressures.

Score 10

SKS Airstep

Mention the words ‘foot pump’ and I’m guessing it’ll conjure up visions of a rattly, sprung-loaded contraption that was always falling over or walking along the pavement as you tried…

Score 7