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Leatt Airflex Hybrid Pro knee guards

Extended coverage The long (35cm) cylindrical tube has Leatt’s perforated Airflex padding cupping the knee with a kind of memory foam style impact gel padding. On top of this are…

Score 8

Poc Oseus vpd knee pads

The POC Oseus VPD pads are a compact design, fairly short in length with the main coverage only extending to the front and sides of the knee cap. This is…

Score 9

POC Spine VPD Vest

Top-end Swedish brand POC has a varied line up of protection vests and jackets stretching up to almost £300 for some of its AIR range. This Spine VPD sleeveless vest…

Score 7

Alpinestars Paragon Plus Protection vest 

Alpinestars’s Paragon Plus is one of the best MTB body armour vests on the market. It’s also £30 cheaper than POC’s VPD, but the basic design is almost identical, whereby…

Score 8

Scott Soldier 2 knee guard

The Scott Soldier 2 knee guard is a little heavier than most pull-on knee sleeves, but with its mesh grill and D3O insert, it’s highly breathable while offering a great…

Score 8

Endura Singletrack Lite Knee Pads II

In the old days, knee pads were so uncomfortable that you’d take them off when you’d got to the bottom of the hill, which was also the reason for open…

Score 8

POC Oseus knee pad

The oddly named Oseus is the latest and greatest knee pad from POC to use its VPD technology. Like D3O and Sastec, VPD is a smart polymer that’s soft and…

Score 7

Leatt Airflex Pro

To cut down on bulk but still provide adequate protection, the Leatt AirFlex Pro knee pad uses a 3D moulded AirFlex gel protector. As you can see, it has an…

Score 7

100% Teratec+

With a full knee, most of the shin and some extra padding over the thigh, the 100% Teratec+ is one of the longest and heaviest, but also one of the…

Score 8

Dainese Trail Skins Air knee pad

This is the updated version of the Dainese Trail Skins 2 Lite knee pad we’ve tested previously. It has a new lightweight mesh chassis and revamped Pro-Shape 2.0 Protector. According…

Score 6

Endura MT500 D3O Ghost knee pad

Since hooking up with the Athertons, Endura has broadened its protection range and has added several new knee pads including the MT500 D3O Ghost. This features a D3O insert, which…

Score 7

Alpinestars Paragon Pro knee pad

Alpinestars offers two versions of the Paragon Knee Guard – the Plus for £50 and the Pro at £75 we’ve featured in this test. The Pro is a lightweight, sleeve…

Score 7

Scott Vanguard Evo Protector jacket

Scott’s Vanguard EVO jacket is one of a slew of upper body armour models that target trail and enduro riders looking for extra protection, rather than full-on downhill racers. To…

Score 8

Fox Enduro Pro knee pads

The best knee pads come in all shapes and sizes, with heavy-duty, articulated DH pads at one end of the scale and lightweight sleeves at the other. Naturally, they’re designed…

Score 8

Rapha Trail kneepads

After spending years with the peleton Rapha has finally ventured off road and taken aim at the best kneepads on the market with a single model called simply the Trail.…

Score 9

iXS Flow protection vest

Designed for trail and enduro riding, this iXS Flow vest is arguably the most comfortable and invisible piece of protection that we’ve tested that comes with the higher protection rating.…

Score 9

100% Tarka Protection Vest

The 100% Tarka Protection Vest has thick flexible protection panels on both front and rear sides and is available in three different versions, including more expensive short and long-sleeve versions…

Score 9

Leatt 3DF Airfit vest

Leatt made its name in MTB protection, and specifically neck braces.  This Leatt 3DF AirFit Body Vest might not be explicitly DH-targeted but it’s still seriously solid and protective and…

Score 9

Ion Scrub Amp Protection Vest

The Ion Scrub Amp Protection Vest is an impressively lightweight piece of body armour that offers performance and comfort good enough for us to rate it among the best body…

Score 8