Lighter, more minimal version of the popular 7iDP Project; more of a ‘compression sock’ for knees

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7iDP Project Lite kneepads


7iDP Project Lite kneepads review


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The 7iDP Project Lite pads are a lighter, more minimal version of the popular 7iDP Project knee. The thin design is more of a ‘compression sock’ for knees.

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Although Seven labels them ‘hard-shell’ due to the 6mm thick flexible exterior protection pad.

They reach far up the thigh for stability, and can also be overlapped by liner shorts, for a kind of ‘double’ gripper effect whereby the pad’s sticky elastic gripper strip holds them up, plus liner short hems also support against slipping down from above.

In this configuration, they’ll stay put perfectly all day riding whatever shapes you pull and avoid the dreaded ‘naked’ thigh gap if shorts ride up. Other pads I use are marginally more fixed if loads of walking or hike-a-bike is on the menu though.

The Project’s breathable fabric is perfectly cool/warm when you need it to be, and overall comfort is so good, you immediately forget you’re wearing these once riding. There’s obviously minimal protection on the sides, but the flexible, rubberised knee pad is actually pretty dense and offers worthwhile knee cap protection above graze and friction protection you’d expect. I’ve really taken to these for how comfortable they are, but the £100 asking price is pretty steep for this level of protection.


Sizes:S, M, L, XL