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The first short from Gore that’s long enough for proper trail riding, combined with a super-lightweight fabric and slim cut that’s excellent for warm weather days.

Score 9

As an all-rounder the Tomahawk falls short, but as a rear-specific dry condition tyre it comes recommended.

Score 8

Aussie DH champ Sam Hill has helped update the classic Five Ten Impact Low into this signature model, which, by using several new materials gets improved comfort and drying speed.

Score 9

This is an excellent 160mm fork for the money — stiff, reasonably light and you couldn’t set it up badly if you tried.

Score 9

More than 10 years old, but even up against far more modern competition it’s still a great caged clipless pedal.

Score 9

The only reason we can see to buy the T1 over XT is for the colours, of which there are seven.

Score 7

In terms of fit and comfort, the Rex is up there with some of the best helmets

Score 8