The two criss-cross straps on the new Race Face Stash bib are surprisingly comfortable and supportive. Race Face has also improved the chamois

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Race Face Stash Bib


Race Face Stash Bib review


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The original Race Face Stash Bib padded under short I tested five years ago had a ton of storage – a back panel to hold a hydration bladder, thigh pockets, three back pockets and there were even some small inserts on the front for gels or a multi-tool. On hot days, if you filled the reservoir with cold-water it really helped reduce your body temperature, but on the flip-side it was difficult to refill in the field and it also added a lot of bulk. The three pockets on the back were also quite high, so reaching round for gear was always a bit of a stretch.

With its new Stash bib, Race Face has eliminated the reservoir insert and as a result the short is a lot more comfortable. Unfortunately, it has also got shot of the three rear pockets too, so the amount of gear you can carry is more than halved, and all of it is now placed on the thighs. I didn’t find this an issue for short rides, where I just grab a tool and my phone, but for longer rides there just isn’t the capacity of the original and as a result the Stash falls short(!) of the very best mountain bike shorts with built-in storage.

Despite losing a lot of storage capacity, I prefer the new Stash over the old one because it’s more versatile and nicer to ride in – especially with the new Italian-made padded insert, which is less bulky and more breathable than the previous offering. It hasn’t gone up in price in five years, but to be fair it does lose a lot of the original’s features, so that means you will need to supplement this with some other on-bike tool storage and a way to carry water.