The Enduro Women's MT500 Animo is a lightweight Enduro/DH women’s jersey as worn by Rachael Atherton – there’s also a men’s version worn by Gee and Dan. Review by Alice Burwell.

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Enduro Women's MT500 Animo LTD jersey


Enduro Women’s MT500 Animo LTD jersey review


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Enduro Women’s MT500 Animo LTD jersey is made from a recycled polyester fabric and, like most DH-style jerseys, is simply cut – there are no pockets at the back or zip down the front. The collar is a little low, so it can feel a bit draughty, but that’s no bad thing on a hot and sticky ride.

I really like that this isn’t a default pink or purple. Sure, the paprika colourway (and its several variants) is distinctive, but at least I don’t look like a marshmallow or a character from Teletubbies. I have to applaud Endura for doing something a bit different with their mountain bike clothing for women and I like that this matches the paprika MT500 Burner trousers I have on test (more on those shortly), so I’m also co-ordinated.

The other good thing about the Enduro Women’s MT500 Animo LTD jersey is it’s currently on sale right now and shopping around via online retailers you can even get it for less than £30, so it’s great value as well as looking cool.

Review by Alice Burwell


Sizes:S, M, L, XL, XXL
Colours:Black/white, blue, orange