In terms of size and weight, the Exposure Toro MK12 sits below the MaXx D and Six Pack but it still packs a punch, putting out 3,200 lumen in Reflex mode

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Exposure Toro MK12


Exposure Toro MK12 light review


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Like its bigger brothers, the Exposure Toro MK12 is self-contained, with the LEDs and Li-Ion battery all housed in the machined aluminium body. It attaches to Exposure’s erstwhile machined bar clamp, which requires the use of a thin rubber shim to work. It looks too flimsy to hold the light, but it’s rock-solid. Our only minor criticism is the bolt is underneath, so making adjustments on the fly is fiddly, although, to be fair, with this much power on tap we never needed to tilt it up or down.

Exposure builds programmability into all its best mountain bike lights, and the Toro has 10 modes in total, and they’re all handily laser-etched on the body of the light. Why other manufacturers don’t do this is a mystery – even a sticker would help.

Exposure Toro MK12 beam

Exposure Toro MK12 beam

Initially programming the light seems complicated, but like the MaXx D, it has a display on the back, so you can actually see the setting you’ve selected during set up. This also shows battery life and there is a high and low beam indicator via simple coloured LEDs.

Built into three of the programmes is Reflex; think of this as a beast mode for faster/harder riding. It automatically boosts the stock 2,000 lumens to 3,200 when you need it most, and in any of those modes it also dims the light when you come to a stop, which is handy for preserving battery life.

The Toro only has three LEDs rather than four in the MaXx D, but we could easily complete rides with this as our solitary light – the light is crisp and white, enhancing definition. Testers preferred the high and low beam option over the Reflex mode, but having those options at your disposal makes this a versatile choice. We also prefer the more compact size of the Toro over the MaXx D, and obviously the cheaper price and lighter weight help too – it’s just about the perfect size.


Max lumens:3,200