The most popular travel bag on the market, and for good reason.

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EVOC Bike Travel Bag Pro


  • Slick design that makes packing easy and secure. Stable for wheeling through airports.


  • Expensive. May not fit the longest wheelbases (unless you let the air out of your suspension).


EVOC Bike Travel Bag Pro review


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EVOC Bike Travel Bag Pro is a firm staff favourite here at mbr. It’s solid and secure with the quickest and best internal bike retention system and rates as one of the best bike travel bags on the market for flying with your pride and joy.

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EVOC’s design means only removing wheels, bars and pedals and within minutes your bike’s safe and well protected for travel. This latest Pro version uses different materials and construction to significantly improve two areas over the original; first off, it’s a substantial 1kg lighter and also way sturdier.

So is this weight saving and the stiffer construction worth the extra £130 over an already top-end price tag? I’d argue a definite yes, considering airport excess baggage fees can easily add on a similar amount if you get unlucky, plus this bag keeps it’s shape and sturdiness way better than the original that’s a bit prone to going floppy after years of hard living.

EVOC really has thought of it all with the way the internal storage is organised, and everything from the tough fabric exterior, lashing straps and brake rotor shields, to the smooth rolling external skate wheels and tough undercarriage is top quality. Plus there’s a clip-on wheel here so you don’t even have to lift one end to drag the bike through miles of airport corridor. The bag is roomy enough to ram in loads of extra kit around the frame and fits 29-ers and most new school, slack enduro bikes. If your wheelbase is longer than 1,240mm it won’t fit the rigid framework inside though, so Pole and Geometron owners will need to look elsewhere.


After traipsing halfway round the world with the EVOC, I’ve experienced zero bike damage and it still looks good, making it easily the best custom mountain bike bag I‘ve tried. It’s totally dialled, but you’ll likely need to be a regular traveller with a posh bike to justify the asking price, considering a lighter cardboard box with extra padding can get the job done with a bit more faff, but for next to no outlay.


Volume:280 litres
Colours:Black, lime