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Evoc Protector Vest

The best mountain bike body armour offers the right blend of high protection, breathability and comfort while riding, and EVOC’s protector vest offers a great blend of those attributes. Among…

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Photo of the Evoc Two Wheel Bag leaning against a brick wall

Wheel bags are traditionally for racers, those serious folk who need spare wheels so a wrecked rim won’t ruin their weekend. The Evoc Two Wheel Bag is extremely useful without…

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Evoc FR Day Protector

We contacted Evoc to get one of its Protector backpacks, because they have these removable back protectors that are great for an uplift or downhill session. For some reason the…

Score 6

evoc hip pack race 3l

EVOC Hip Pack Race 3L has a roomy 3l of cargo space. It’s well organised with a main chamber that houses a reservoir and larger clothing or pumps.

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EVOC Bike Travel Bag Pro

EVOC Bike Travel Bag Pro is a firm staff favourite here at mbr. It’s solid and secure with the quickest and best internal bike retention system.

Score 9


The Evoc CC 10L is a mid sized pack aimed at shorter rides and races. That’s not to say it isn’t a good choice for all day epics in the…

Score 9

It does come with quite a weight penalty, but if you are riding hard and taking risks, the Evoc could be the pack for you.

Score 9