The TIme ATAC MX4 was an impressive pedal but a lack of quality control let it down

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Time ATAC MX4 clipless pedal review

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With a two-bar system the Time ATAC MX4 has a familiar feel. Instead of the sharp click of an SPD clone, a deeper ‘clunk’ confirms your entry and exit from the mechanism — it’s different but it’s a very reassuring and consistent experience.

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No amount of mud or grit altered the performance, and we know from past experience that this is true even for snow and ice. We did have a minor problem with our first sample — the axle wasn’t absolutely straight.

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We contacted Time about this and it sent a replacement, which although much better, still had a slight bend in one of the axles. Time usually has better quality control and this is one of the more expensive pedals on test so it’s surprising to see.

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The rest of the pedal is excellent, but if you are going to go for this model be sure to check the axles before riding them. It’s maybe worth considering the cheaper MX2, which has the same mechanism but costs £20 less.

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Weight (pair with cleats):440 grams