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HT Components ME03


HT Components ME03 pedal review

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Straight out of the box, this super-light and fluoro-orange pedal had a real wow-factor. The magnesium body and signature HT spindle construction results in an ultra-slim, feather-light 260g — or 220g if you upgrade to the titanium axle option.

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Out on the trail, the clearance benefits over rocks and roots were noticeable, along with a sense of stability and reassuring connection to both the bike and the terrain. The 10 fully adjustable and well-positioned removable pins on each side saw my feet securely glued to the platforms.

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Unlike most, the HT Components ME03 pins are aluminium and designed to come clean off rather than bend. This saves the threads from damage but  it does mean you are required to carry spares around with you. This is theoretical though, as I’ve yet to catch the super-slim platform on a rock with sufficient force to damage a pin in the first place.

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If you have deep enough pockets and a desire for something special, then these are definitely worth a look.

Janet Coulson


Weight:260 grams
Colours:orange, blue, yellow, black, silver