It’s fair to say the DMR V11 is a plastic version of the company’s award-winning Vault pedal. It is slightly taller, but has a similar sized platform with the same concave shape, which keeps your foot centred and improves grip.

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DMR V11 flat pedal


DMR V11 flat pedal review


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The DMR V11 even has the same number of pins per side as the classic DMR Vault, although DMR is running two types on this pedal – sharp Moto X pins on the edges and the blunter, conventional Allen-head pins in the centre. All 10 pins are securely anchored into captured nuts on the underside of the pedal, although there was no tool in the box for removing the Moto X pins.

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The V11 runs a black 4140 chromoly steel axle with a single 6mm hex key fitting – so no spanner flats like the V12 pedal. It does use a similar bearing though, with a mini cartridge on the outside and a Delrin bushing at the crank end. There is also a dedicated bearing rebuild kit although we didn’t get one to try out.

Overall thickness of the V11 is about 3mm more than the Vault, so your foot isn’t quite as close to the axle, but to be fair it’s not that noticeable when riding. Like its big brother, the V11 does have a ton of support, and for riders with really big feet this is the plastic pedal we’d recommend.

However, it isn’t quite as grippy as the regular Vault, and there were a few times during testing where our feet would slip slightly on the plastic surface, especially if it was damp.

The DMR V11 is a solidly built pedal, and we really like that the resin platform doesn’t show the scuffs like the aluminium Vault, but compared to the test-winning Burgtec MK4 Composite it’s a little bit portly and not quite as good value.


Platform size:105 x 105mm