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DMR Vault pedal


DMR Vault flat pedal review


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Long time mbr favourite, the DMR Vault is one of the best selling flats around. Machined from an extruded piece of aluminium, the platform spins on a heat-treated steel axle.

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With a sealed bearing at the outside and a DU bushing closer to the crank arm. We’ve found the Vault very reliable over the years and replacement axles and rebuild kits are easy to find and a cinch to install.

The Vault platform is larger than most and also slightly more concave, with a really dished out shape that cradles the arch of the foot and feels very secure with zero fore and aft shuffling.

The pedal body is wide, but still sits in close to the crank arm, keeping your stance efficient for pedalling. The 17mm height doesn’t offer the effective BB height reduction (and clearance) of some others here, but the surface area feels stable and huge underfoot with properly locked on grip levels using the thinner studs.

A neat touch is how the Vault’s bite is tuneable too since the flip-flop pins can be inserted from the top or bottom for a longer or stubbier traction stud.

With cutaway corners, the Vault’s leading platform edges glance off trail obstacles better for more ground clearance and the aluminium used is very durable and resistant to breaking if the metal body does strike the ground.

In terms of feel and surefootedness, the Vault is totally sorted, but the price and weight is slightly higher than some rivals and the way the extreme outer edges stick out more than some could lead to more ground strikes when leant over.


Body:Extruded 6061 aluminium
Size:115 x 105 x 17mm