Burgtec's chunky Penthouse pedal gets a revamp. How do the improvements stack up in the real world?

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Burgtec Penthouse Flats MK 5


  • Better grip. Proven reliability.


  • More expensive at first. Hopefully should last longer though.


Burgtec Penthouse Flats MK5 pedal review


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The UK-designed Burgtec Penthouse Flats MK5 pedals have evolved into their fifth generation. Do the improvements stack up in the real world?

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I’ve been a fan of its predecessor’s performance and reliability in bad weather, even with constant jet washing, but not quite as sold on how it positioned your feet tight against the crank-arms unless you fitted longer, aftermarket axles.

This issue is now fixed, and it’s safe to say Burgtec has sweated the details elsewhere too. The slim 7075 aluminium platform is completely redesigned with extra concavity and fresh pin locations, and the new alloy body has seven per cent more real estate than before. 15mm tall, there’s a 2mm concave profile (1mm deeper than previously) and 0.5mm thinner pins that bite into soles better. The Burgtec Penthouse Flats MK5 also stick out less on the outer edge by a few mm for even better ground clearance.

Burgtec’s proven reliability is based around using two sets of bushes and a sealed cartridge bearing per pedal with a separate rubber seal lip. The plastic sleeve bearings are now upgraded to the most water-resistant Igus ‘W300’ bushes with extremely high wear resistance, whilst the axle retains a 
steel blend called EN24T, that’s so tough we’ve never managed to bend one, despite multiple smashes.

Grip and foot stability are noticeably improved, thanks to the more deeply dished centre and improved pin positioning. I found the trailing outer edge pin is particularly well positioned for driving the bike through turns and keeping your foot hooked on in wild sections too.


Burgtec’s MK5 is now 65g lighter a pair and a match for anything on the market in terms of traction and comfort, plus it packs a low maintenance design that trumps most other brand’s durability. Add to this good ground clearance (to reduce the chance of catching a pedal and accidentally damaging yourself) and resistance to flipping too easily, and just about the only fly in the ointment is the £110 cost. This price is pushed up by the cost of 
the internals and makes it considerably 
more money than sorted pedals like Nukeproof’s Horizon. But since Burgtec’s bearings last way longer, this should balance out in the long term, and save maintenance 
hassles too.


Weight:386g pair
Size:100mm x 102mm