The World Force is a solid performer, and the best Azonic pedal to date

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Azonic World Force flat pedal


Azonic World Force flat pedal review


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Azonic spent over two years developing the World Force pedal. It looks good and the weight is competitive, but how does it stack up next to mbr’s top-scoring duo; the DMR Vault and Nukeproof Horizon?

The platform has roughly the same concavity as the Vault, although the overall area to push against is marginally smaller (97x100mm at its widest). The knurled aluminium body sits slightly out from the crank arm (around 12mm), missing the opportunity to maximise platform area without compromising ground clearance.

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Nukepoof’s Horizon pedal does this better by extending the platform’s inner corners to get more shoe real estate without impacting how far the pedal sticks out.

Traction studs are hex fastening from the top, rather than thinner, reverse-threading pins. But, with relatively sharp tips, grip and hold is decent across various shoe brands. It’s also neat that the top hat-shaped studs have extended flat bottoms to prevent them bending, or being ripped out.

Azonic manages to squeeze in bearings at both ends of the 4130 cro-mo axle, despite the relatively slim platform. It ran issue-free during testing — it’s one pedal that has always delivered reliable performance and good long-term durability in the past for me too.

On the trail, the pedal feels good — grip is sorted, the bearings are smooth, without spinning too fast (and causing the pedal to flip over), and the slightly dished-out shape feels spot on. My shoes overlapped the edges more than some pedals, though, and, given the choice, I’d still always prefer a bigger, more stable platform.

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To answer our original question, then, the World Force is a solid performer, and the best Azonic pedal to date, but unless you’ve got smaller feet I don’t think it topples the DMR or the Nukeproof from their lofty perches.


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