Puts out a very nice and clean looking pool of light.

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Moon X Power 2500 light


Moon X Power 2500 light review


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The Moon X Power 2500 has been out a couple of seasons now, but its sheer lumen power means it’s not been left behind in the lighting arms race.

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It comes with a clamp that fits up to 31.8mm handlebars (no 35mm support, unfortunately). The clamp is not quick to operate, but it is very solid and easy to cinch up if you like to adjust the beam angle on the fly. Not that you’ll need to adjust it, as it is the very definition of big and bright.

The X-Power 2500 puts out a very nice and clean looking pool of light, without a distracting burnt-out centre or dark spots to the side. The breadth of the beam is extremely impressive too; glancing upwards reveals the tree canopy illuminated directly above you.

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I only had two niggles with this light. Firstly, the charger was faulty out of the box. Thankfully I had a spare with the same fitting and output so I used that. Secondly, I never got close to the claimed 1hr 40min run time on high beam — I could only get just over an hour.

Thankfully you can toggle between settings to eke out more run time by using the power button on the lamp. This is dead easy to use and lights up a different colour to show you what setting you’ve actually selected. There’s also a fuel gauge on the battery itself, handy for monitoring how much juice is remaining.

In the end I opted to run the light just below full power (1,500 lumens) and rode my bike for a couple of hours with no issue. It’s bright enough most of the time and allows you to just flick to high beam when you need to.


Lumens:2,500, 1,500, 1,100, 500
Run time:1hr 40min, 2hr 30min, 3hr 40min, 9hr 40min