This great light is a test winner two years in a row; here's why

MBR Test Winner

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Score 10

Light & Motion Seca 2000 Enduro


  • Great beam pattern


  • Excessive cable


Light and Motion Seca 2000 Enduro bar mounted light – Review


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Light & Motion Seca 2000 Enduro light

This is the winning light from last year, and for 2014 it uses the same low-profile, lightweight lamp unit, but Light & Motion has now upped the power on full beam to 2,000 lumens. There are no modes, just high, medium and low beam. The reason we rate the Seca is down to the excellent spread of light. It’s not the most powerful, but with six LEDS and a diffuser at the bottom of the lens — for excellent fill around the front wheel — it has by far the most sophisticated and even  beam pattern.
The lamp unit fastens to the handlebars using a simple elastic strap with holes in it. It’s lightweight, easy to install and allows you to rotate the light up and down while still remaining secure. We also noticed the lamp sits a little bit lower, which combined with the light weight (75g) makes it particularly useable as a helmet light.
We have one criticism — the cable is just far too long. You could mount the battery on the rear axle and it would still reach the lamp. It needs to be either shorter or coiled.
You can really see from the beam pattern how much fill-in there is with this light, but at the same time it easily extends out to the 50m mark.



It wins again because of the light quality and also because it genuinely feels like there are more lumens available.


Weight :471g
Lumens :2000, 1100, 575
Run-Time :2.5, 5, 10hrs