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Gloworm XS


Gloworm XS light review

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The XS is the latest light from New Zealand brand Gloworm. It has a machined aluminium lamp unit that holds three Cree XML-2 U2 LED emitters, and attaches centrally over the stem using an adjustable metal clamp. This only fits bars up to 31.8mm in diameter, but a 35mm option is coming later this year.

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Gloworm’s IMT (Intelligent Mode Technology) feature allows users to access two light modes. The default setting is Trail mode with high, medium and low beams, which can be personalised further to decrease brightness and increase run time, or vice versa.

The Commute mode has high, medium, low and flashing, but they’re all slightly lower powered. Being able to customise output and run time is a handy feature, but it does require a complicated sequence of clicks and presses to access.

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The XS comes with a Lithium Ion Hard Case battery with a built-in fuel gauge and medium width strap to lash it to your frame. It also has a tethered remote that attaches to a plastic mount via small patch of Velcro. It allows you to adjust the light without taking your hand off the grip, but we’d like to see this integrate better with the controls. It also needs a longer cable, as this one looks like it is designed for narrow bars.

The Gloworm XS is a lightweight system, but it’s heavier than claimed and under-delivers on lumens. Gloworm is touting 2,200 lumens on full power, but we measured it at 1,916. That said, it’s still the brightest light on test and well-priced. The build quality is top-notch and it has a wide, deep spread and very usable medium and low beams.

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Weight:393 grams
Lumens:High - 1,916, Medium - 1,133, Low - 465
Run time:2, 4, 7 hours