A new option on the market from moto brand Spada.

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Spada Trail Titan jersey


  • Light and airy.


  • Bit shapeless.


Spada Trail Titan jersey review


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Spada’s new to the mountain bike world, it started out making motorbike clobber, but for 2022 it branched out to pedal power too, with the aim of competing with the best mountain bike jerseys. The Titan comes in both short sleeve and long sleeve versions, but that’s about where the details stop – there are no posh fabrics or clever details here. That said, Spada has gone to the effort of adding flatlock seams to keep you chafe-free.

The jersey is made entirely from polyester without the edition of elastane, and as such it doesn’t have much stretch to it. That’s fine here though, because the cut is generous and the very thin material gives it a floaty feel that doesn’t stick to your body or get in the way. There are no panels to the Titan either, so it’s rather shapeless when on, and the only nod to a bike-specific cut is the decent dropped hem at the back.

When it comes to wicking, the Titan works really well. This is to be expected, because the thin material is shaped into tiny squares with air gaps running through it all. It’s one of the most airy jerseys here, definitely not one for winter months then. The upshot is the Spada feels soft to the skin and never clammy, while the flat seams and printed label leave nothing to think about.

My biggest gripe with the Titan is the lack of fit, the back tended to flap about and ride up when we were really charging or in the air. All of which makes us think it’s been designed for gravity rather than trail riding, thanks to the baggy arms and trunk it fits body armour underneath really nicely.


And my biggest commendation? The Titan is pretty unnoticeable when riding packless, it’s comfy, wicks well and it’s an OK price for a long sleeve jersey.


Women’s version:No