Fidlock is a bottle and cage with a mechanical and magnetic attachment, that's available in 450, 590 and 600ml – the smallest fits into a tiny space.

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Fidlock Twist Bottle and Bike Base


  • Really quick to locate bottle – the magnets mean you can almost throw the bottle into place. Stable and secure. Can be used on frames with limited space.


  • Expensive. Bit more fiddly to keep clean.


Fidlock Twist Bottle and Bike Base review


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Editor’s Choice 2020

Trying to squeeze a bottle and cage into modern full-suspension frames can be enough to drive you to drink. Side-entry cages, shaped bottles and under-down tube mud catchers are some of the solutions on the market, but for innovation and convenience, the Fidlock magnetic design makes the most sense – that’s why it’s one of the best bottle and cage systems on the market. Simply bolt to your frame using the standard mount, or if you don’t have any, the Twist Uni-Base lets you strap it pretty much anywhere – under the top tube or along the seat tube, for instance. The magnetic base self-aligns with the bottle, so once it’s in proximity, the two snap together – a mechanical connection ensuring it stays secure. For owners of Orange bikes or older Nukeproofs, the Fidlock is well worth checking out.

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If you own a YT you may have some experience with the Fidlock system, because this bottle and base were fitted to some of the YT Jeffsy and YT Capra bikes a couple of years ago. In the same way that Fidlock’s popular helmet bickle self-aligns, the two parts of the bottle system snap together once in close enough proximity, and remain secure, no matter how bumpy it gets.

Fidlock is offering the Bike Base in a standard bolt-on design for a regular bottle cage mount, but you can also buy a Twist Uni base that attaches to a tube or frame using two adjustable rubber straps. These are pretty long and will stretch around a large down tube, like on an e-bike.

Fidlock is aware that its bottle is not cheap, and that you may prefer to use your own, so it’s also offering a Twist Uni-connector. This has a BOA dial with two composite laces that loop round any size bottle, holding securely against the mount. Like a regular BOA, it also pops open, so you can swap bottle sizes or remove it for cleaning.

If that’s not all, Fidlock is also offering other accessories and mounts, such as a Tool Box, Saddle Bag and a mount for a back pack.

Over the years I’ve had several bikes (notably Orange mountain bikes) where there’s no bottle cage mount within the front triangle, or there’s a mount but no space for a full-size bottle. With Fidlock you can rig something up and still have a bottle that is easy to get to and secure. When fitting the Bike Base I found it easier than a normal cage because I didn’t have to manoeuvre the tool through the cage. The bottle is expensive, but I found it’s the perfect size for my current e-bike and even has a dirt cover, which I’m sure I’ll be using in the coming winter months.


As a system Fidlock is a little pricey, but it’s the perfect solution if your bike is pushed for space. You also don’t have to mount the bottle in a daft place, like on the top tube or under the down where it will get in the way or covered in mud.


Weight:79g bottle, 22g cage
Sizes:450, 590, 600ml