Who knows products better than the people who own them and ride them again and again?

Do you ride a mountain bike regularly? Do you wear a helmet? If you don’t, DO! And if you do, tell us all about your mountain bike helmet of choice.

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We’d love to hear your opinions on the helmet you wear for riding. How does it look, and how does it perform? Is it holding up to the abuse of regular riding? Was it a good value buy, and would you recommend the helmet to others?

When mbr writers test helmets – or any product, for that matter – we have the advantage that we wear lots of different helmets in the course of our the testing period so we know how one lid stacks up against another. We pretty much know what to expect at a given price point, and we may have worn previous iterations of the helmet. But generally – unless we really, really love them – we’ll wear the helmet for a few rides rather than months or years. We can rarely vouch for how well they do the actual job of protecting a head in a crash or spill. We can only talk about the way they fit our particular heads, which are swollen and egg-shaped. So the more opinions we receive, the better.

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We’d love to hear your opinions on the mountain bike helmets you use for riding. Whether it’s a general purpose all-rounder trail helmet or a discipline specific helmet, we want to hear about. And so does every other mountain biker on the planet.

How vented is it? Is it comfortable on long rides? Is the retention device fiddly? Does it look cool or goofy? Is it holding up well to the knocks of general riding?

So what’s in it for you?

  1. You’re helping the mountain bike community make informed choices
  2. You could get chosen to be Reader Review of the Week
  3. If you want us to include your social media handle, no problem. Insta-famous! (You don’t have to tell us if you’d rather not by the way)

So here’s the form. Remember, the more information you put in, the better and more useful your review will be.

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