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Endura MT500 helmet


Endura MT500 helmet review


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The Endura MT500 helmet is pricey but you are getting a lightweight, well-vented trail lid that takes impact protection to the next level.

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Endura is a relative newcomer to the helmet game, but that’s not stopped it aiming high with this technology-packed, Koroyd-touting lid. The Scottish brand’s MT500 helmet is pricey, but with good all round coverage it feels really protective, and is also close fitting at the temples so the exterior is nicely low profile.

endura mt500 helmet

The Koroyd part is the distinctive, honeycomb structure that forms the helmet’s core, much like EPS polystyrene does in most other lids. The little tubes look like tiny drinking straws, and expel hot air as well as acting as an extra protective layer. Endura claims the way the honeycomb collapses in a crash can reduce the risk of a skull fracture by 35%, and the deformation also acts similarly to a rotational impact protection system by buckling in multiple directions. The Koroyd layer doesn’t flow air over the scalp as well as sculpted EPS, but it’s also less insulating, and the massive vents in the shell are extremely effective – especially at the front and side, where huge openings pump air straight onto the brow and temples.

A 4-position visor, secured by snazzy aluminium bolts, easily fits goggles under the peak and there’s a rear channel and clip to keep straps secure too. The retention system has a one-handed dial with a quality, rubberised finish that’s adjustable both in terms of depth at the rear, and width at the temples, so the fit can be precisely tuned. Inside the MT500 is really dished out, so, even with the thick and comfy antibacterial pads, the helmet feels like it’s really sitting round your head with excellent coverage.

endura mt500 helmet

We were pleasantly surprised by Endura’s MT500, considering the brand is relatively new to the helmet game. You feel really protected and safe in the deep Koroyd shell, but its also low profile and very comfortable. Like the Smith Forefront helmet with similar technology, the funky honeycomb liner dumps heat like a radiator if static at the top of tracks for a minute, but for riders that never stop moving, there’s less airflow than some traditional in-molded lids and a steep asking price too.

The MT500 is big money, but is very comfortable, stable and really wraps your skull protectively, meaning it offers big performance to match the price tag.



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