Killer value and a decent trail helmet

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7iDP M2 helmet


7iDP M2 helmet review


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With a loud and proud colour scheme that continues onto the straps, the M2 helmet is not subtle, but the rugged design combines well to make it an aesthetic winner.

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It’s not all style though; the M2 is a comfortable place to be, thanks to decent padding and a really big dial to ratchet the helmet securely and easily round your head.

To increase airflow, the M2 has 19 vents and there are mesh screens over the front ports to stop bugs and insects being sucked onto your scalp, if that ever happens.

It’s not perfect though. The M2 feels perched compared to the best helmets on the market — like Troy Lee, Bell and Bontrager — which all wrap more snugly around the back of the head. You have to ratchet the M2 up slightly tighter than these helmets too, perhaps because of the perched fit, but it didn’t affect its comfort.

At £60, the M2 is killer value and a decent trail helmet. If that’s still too much money, 7iDP has a sub-£50 model coming out at the end of the year called the M4. We’ve seen it and it actually looks better than the M2, a test soon.


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