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Bontrager Rally MIPS helmet


Bontrager Rally MIPS helmet review


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Bontrager Rally MIPS features in-mould construction with an internal composite skeleton to increase the size of the vents without affecting hull integrity.

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Lining the helmet is a MIPS Protection System and on the rear is a genuine BOA based retention device. BOA technology is normally found on footwear but it works perfectly on the Rally, offering really precise adjustment and an incredibly snug fit. Unfortunately, our sample would often work loose due to chin strap pulling through the buckle – a good idea might be to put a couple of stitches with some black cotton through the strap once you’ve set it to your liking.

bontrager rally

BOA dial makes it easy to get the perfect fit

To improve air flow, several recessed channels are built into the inside of the Rally and the sweat pads are also cutaway and heavily perforated. The MIPS liner offers an extra layer of protection and unlike some doesn’t impact on the sizing. FlatLock dividers are fixed in position (unlike the Fox and Leatt lids) and the straps are lightweight and sit comfortably on the jaw.

Although the peak doesn’t quite colour match the rest of the helmet it lifts high enough to park a pair of goggles underneath. It’s held in place with two plastic screws but these are large enough to tighten with gloves on and they don’t rattle loose. Bontrager provides a Blendr mount with the helmet, which integrates seamlessly with a GoPro or one of company’s head lights.

The Rally is a really solid helmet that looks great and feels snug. At £100, it’s also great value but the best thing is the Crash Replacement Guarantee, which means you can get a free helmet replacement if involved in a crash within the first year of ownership.


Sizes:S, M, L