Bontrager's Rally helmet put through its paces

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Bontrager Rally helmet


  • Excellent fit, Headmaster retention system is slick and easy to use, fully goggle-compatible


  • Not the lightest helmet around, gives you wild helmet hair


Bontrager Rally helmet review


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You may have already read about Bontrager’s new Rally helmet in January’s Most Wanted section. You may also have laughed at the ridiculous Biggles arrangement pictured, with a pair of goggles tucked up beneath the peak. Absurd though this may look, in practice it works exceptionally well; stashing them under the peak reduces the chance of them steaming up on climbs, and helps keep them clean. And using goggles not only keeps mud and grit out of our eyes, but tears too. Not tears of laughter, but from streaming eyes.

Thankfully, there’s more to love about the Rally helmet than its goggle/peak set-up. The fit, thanks to the Headmaster retention system and ratchet knob, is superb, with pressure-point-free comfort. Tension can even be adjusted with one hand while on the move and the fixed position strap dividers that sit perfectly beneath the ear.

Build-quality is excellent, and at £80 it’s great value for money. The only downside is that, at 400g, it’s a bit on the heavy side, and the deep internal vents produce some truly spectacular helmet hair.



Weight :401g
Colours :Black, white, grey/yellow, orange
Sizes :S, M, L