Endura's extensive trail glove range tops out with this feature-rich MT500 D30 that doesn't hold back on additional protection. It comes with a hefty price tag though

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Score 8

Endura MT500 D30 Glove


  • Cuff is a great fit. Substantial feel without being overbuilt. Touchscreen tech on three fingers


  • D30 adds to the cost making this an expensive glove. No women's option although sizes start at XS


Endura MT500 D3O glove review


Price as reviewed:


The Endura MT500 is the first glove we know of to feature a D3O knuckle duster. In its inert state, this smart material is flexible and moulds to the shape of your hand, but when you hit something it stiffens, helping dissipate the impact energy and reducing the transmitted force. It does cost a lot, hence the high price, but is the knuckle the right place for it?

When you catch your hand on a tree it’s usually the pinky that takes the impact, and if you crash it’s the heel of the hand that gets all the abrasion. That said, the MT500 does feel well protected, and has by far the best fit around the wrist of any glove on test. This shaped cuff sits really flat, even with the inverse Velcro strap pulled tight.

Endura MT500 D30 glove

Endura MT500 D30 glove

On the back there’s a four-way stretch, ripstop material. On the front is a synthetic leather palm. Although the MT500 has heavily-shaped fingers and Lycra webs between them, it’s not tight-fitting and bunches up when you grab the grips. There’s silicone on both braking fingers and touchscreen tech on three.


While the fit and ride feel is not the best here, the MT500 is a substantial glove that we think would be perfect for those crisp and dry winter rides. The D3O tech is a nice touch, but it comes at a price.


Weight:58g (pair)