The Target is a another well-priced pair of riding glasses from Madison. But do the casual looks compromise the performance on the trail?

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Score 8

Madison Target Glasses


  • Can wear on or off the bike. Excellent price for optical performance offered. Well-made and robust with polycarbonate lens


  • Lack widescreen coverage for MTB. Lens sits very close to eyeballs. Need a clear lens option for UK riding


Madison Target glasses review


Price as reviewed:


Madison sells some excellent value own-brand eyewear with sharp, clear lenses that we’ve rated highly in the past. They’ve impressed when tested in range of weather conditions and have gone straight into our listing of the best mountain bike glasses.

Such is the case with this sub £30 Madison Target model, that proves you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get good optics with impact and scratch resistant lenses.

The Target’s lens is also interchangeable, with two mirror lenses and a photochromic option available as upgrades. With a more conventional/casual shape, this model targets (if you’ll excuse the pun) both road and mountain biking, and is smaller than the new-school, widescreen-style mtb eyewear that aims to offer the protection of goggles with the airflow and weight of sunglasses.

The TR-90 thermoplastic frame is slightly flexible and twisty (especially the arms) to help it return to its original shape if you accidentally sit on them, and the tips of the arm use rubberised gripper pads above the ears. There’s also a dimpled, flexible, nose bridge that can be personalised to your face by squeezing into shape.

Once you’ve fiddled with the fit, the Target stays really stable and plays nicely with helmet straps on two popular lids I tried. The lens has really good contrast and sharpness, and seems pretty durable, but I’m not the biggest fan of the shiny red frame, as it reflects  stray light back onto the inside face of the lens – this can be very distracting when the sun is lower or light beams strobe through the trees.

The glasses also sit very close to the face, to the point that they were only millimetres away from my eyelashes, and could easily get contaminated with sweat from the brow. I’ve also worn these on my road bike, where they work fine, but if you’re planning on doing more than just pottering around a trail centre, or going for a cruisy ride on a sunny day, a better option would be the excellent Madison Enigma glasses, which have a modern, widescreen look, a clear lens option for overcast days in the woods, and extra coverage and splash protection. The Enigma’s can get a bit steamy on wet and humid days, but they are an absolute steal at £24.99.


The Madison Target glasses still represent excellent value, but are better suited to recreational jaunts than hardcore trail and enduro rides.


Colours:Gloss Red, Crystal Gloss, Gloss Black, Matt Dark Grey Lens colours: Purple Mirror, Fire Mirror