Mountain bikes need a lot of cleaning, and this kit from Motorex aims to make the job easier.

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Motorex bike cleaning kit


  • Makes a good Christmas gift for a mountain biker. Bucket makes a useful storage container.


  • Not every item in the kit may be useful. Bucket is a bit small to be really useful for bike washing. There are cheaper kits on the market that come with brushes too.


Motorex bike cleaning kit review


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Swiss brand Motorex offers this plastic tub as a one-stop bike cleaning kit to get your machine shiny after you’ve dragged it through the mire. Included in the tub (that doubles as a bucket you can dunk in a stream if you have no hose or mobile pressure washer) are a bike cleaner, a drivetrain degreaser and a dry lube. There is also a sponge and a cloth, but, weirdly, no brushes, which I generally find way better than cloths for getting into nooks and crannies and cleaning drivetrains. Soft brushes are also less likely to scratch and scuff your bike than sponges that get embedded with grit.

Motorex bike cleaning kit

Motorex bike cleaning kit

The bike cleaner comes in a 500ml trigger spray (that’s smaller volume than most) and while it works fine on fresh muck and doesn’t leave streaks, it’s less effective than rivals at breaking down dry crud, if a bike has sat in the back of a vehicle, for example. The fizzy degreaser works better, with about the same amount of gunk slipping off a dirty chain and cassette as with Peaty’s foaming degreaser I use regularly. I do prefer how that comes in a bigger, refillable bottle rather than an aerosol, like the Motorex, and it also works out much cheaper to buy as a result.

Motorex bike cleaning kit

Motorex bike cleaning kit

The Motorex dry lube has a good consistency to apply, stays put well (even in wet-ish and splashy conditions) and seems pretty smooth, but again wouldn’t be my first-choice chain lube – I prefer a wax-based lube for dry weather and something like White Lightning Wet Lube if it’s absolutely filthy.


These individual preferences form my problem with this Motorex kit in a nutshell; it might look convenient, but there are better individual products out there. Bunging some OK bits in a brittle plastic tub (that doesn’t hold as much water as you’ll need if the bike is really muddy) with a sponge and cloth you’ll likely already have under the kitchen sink doesn’t scream great value. If you do crave a complete specific cleaning kit, Fenwicks does a similar functional package for almost half the price that also includes brushes too, meaning it’s even harder to recommend this Motorex set.