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White Lightning Wet Ride


White Lightning Wet Ride Synthetic Lubricant review


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Wide-ratio, single-ring drivetrains have transformed mountain biking in the last five years. As such, increased sophistication and replacement costs mean it has never been more important to properly maintain and lubricate your chain. Step forward White Lightning’s Wet Ride Synthetic Lubricant, a lab-blended lube that impressed us with its tenacity to cling to our drivetrains, even in the most disgusting conditions. It doesn’t attract dirt and grime like most wet lubes and works brilliantly in the torture chamber that is winter e-bike riding.

White Lightning Wet Ride is a thicker, heavier lube designed to stay put in the worst conditions. You want to know if it works, right? It sure does, and that makes it one of the best chain lubes we’ve tested.

It claims unrivalled film strength (the ability to cling to the chain) and also contains special anti-corrosion additives to prevent rusting.

It was recommended by a local, high-mileage e-biker as the only thing keeping the small front chainring on Bosch motors from repeatedly sucking the chain up and jamming in horrible, claggy mud.

White Lightning’s purple formula massively improved this specific issue for me too, and also has an amazing lifespan that keeps the chain going in the worst mud and spray on any bike.

The gloopy-looking lube mysteriously repels more clag and gunk compared to other wet lubes I’ve tried, and is easy to clean off.


As a product tester, I’ve got plenty other lube options I didn’t pay for, but this Wet Ride stuff has transformed my e-bike experience so much, it’s something I’ll happily put my hand in my own pocket to buy and use.