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Peaty’s Bicycle Brush Set

The best way to clean a mountain bike is to start with the proper gear. That means a cleaner and degreaser, lube for afterwards, and something to work it all…

Score 8

Regularly lubing your bike’s chain reduces friction for smoother and more efficient pedalling and also helps prevent failures and premature drivetrain wear.

Score 10

Peaty's Tubeless Valves

Peaty’s valves already come recommended, but the latest versions are even better by incorporating a spoke key for standard 3.4mm nipples in the threaded dust cap. Read more: Buyer’s guide…

Score 9

Peaty’s Tubeless Conversion Kit

Included with Peaty’s Tubeless Conversion Kit is everything to make the switch from tubes: a roll of rim tape, two sachets of sealant and two valves.

Score 7

Peaty's Tubeless Valves

My theory is every serious mountain biker should ditch the innertubes in their tyres if they haven’t already for better performance.

Score 8