Probably like you, I hate cleaning my bike after a muddy ride, and we’ve had more than our fair share of those this winter, so anything that helps make this chore a lot easier is most welcome.

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Peaty's Wash, Prevent & Lubricate Gift Pack


  • Works well. Cleaner really foams up. Three in one pack.


  • Lube separates, so needs to be shaken up before every application.


Peaty’s Wash, Prevent and Lubricate Gift Pack review


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Peaty’s Clean, Protect & Lube Gift Pack contains a 1L bottle of LoamFoam, a 400ml can of PT17 and a 120ml dropper bottle of all-weather LinkLube; think of it as a grooming pack for your bike.

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When prepping your bike for a deep clean, Loam Foam attacks all that ingrained grime and staining and also lifts off old lube and attached dirt from the chain. It doesn’t seem as corrosive as some cleaners I’ve used, but to be on the safe side I still spray and rinse pretty quickly. Once the bike is clean, you then go in with the PT17 spray. The point of this is to displace water and stop any corrosion or rust forming on the things like the drivetrain and components. I also put a little squirt on any steel bolts – like on the stem and pivots – because any rust spots there look terrible. PT17 also acts as a release agent and I used it to loosen a bearing cover that had got wedged on the spindle of my E13 LG1 crankset. Function-wise this is no different to other sprays, but PT17 is PTFE free, so is safer on paint work. Peaty even recommends using it on the frame to reduce mud build up during a wet event, which is an old racer trick.

Once you’ve banished any water from the chain it’s then time to send in the reinforcements. Peaty’s Link Lube uses a unique compound of oils and waxes, which the company says are only usually found individually in wet or dry lubes but Peaty’s has managed to combine them. I don’t know if these two components separate in the bottle, but it looks like it because I had to shake it before every application. Link Lube isn’t as smooth running as one of my favourite lubes (Pro Gold) but it is pretty tenacious and I found I can get a couple of e-bike rides on a single shot.


Having a well-stocked arsenal of cleaning kit is essential if you ride in the winter in the UK. The Gift Pack is all good stuff that works well and best of all it’s better value than buying the three items individually.


Specification: 1L LoamFoam / 400ml PT17 / 120ml LinkLube