Regularly lubing your bike’s chain reduces friction for smoother and more efficient pedalling and also helps prevent failures and premature drivetrain wear.

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Peaty's Link Lube All Weather


Peaty’s Link Lube All Weather review


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Yep, this is bleeding obvious, I know, but what’s less clear is which lubes remain effective the longest in order to increase these benefits.

That’s where this smelly Link Lube comes in. Peaty’s has a selection of blends, and both this all-weather type and the waxier dry version are impressive in terms of achieving the best mountain bike drivetrain smoothness, how clean the chain stays and how long it stays put compared to rivals. In fact the Dry Link Lube is even on par with my favourite go-to Squirt dry lube.

Both recipes have a wax base, with the AW blend mixing in a proprietary oil-based solution. The two components (usually used in wet and dry lubes respectively) settle in storage, so shaking the bottle mixes the ingredients up, making it easy to apply without being too gloopy or messy. If the chain is clean and dry to start with (especially true for the Dry Link Lube) there’s better penetration between the rollers and links and less black dirt and grime gets pumped out of small crevices over time while pedalling.

This AW Link Lube works exactly as advertised, combining the best of both lubrication worlds by staying on for ages in the worst slop (to the extent it can even keep a mud-blasted e-bike running and jam-free), whilst simultaneously not attracting masses of dirt and gunk on sprockets and jockey wheels like most other wet lubes. And I’m not alone in my appraisal; plenty of my (high- mileage) riding mates share a similar opinion.