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Lifeline Pro workstand

The Lifeline Pro workstand claims to blend pro-level build quality with ease of use, at a price that’s appealing to the home mechanic. It also boasts a maximum bike weight…

Score 10

LifeLine Performance 39 Piece Tool Kit

LifeLine is one of CRC/Wiggle’s in-house brands, and it offers this comprehensive 39-piece tool box as a one-stop home repair solution. There are some really good tools here, but also…

Score 8

Back in the old days, when I was a kid, a bike chain was held together with a split link – albeit one with an extra plate holding the whole…

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Photo of Lifeline Airblast floor pump

All Lifeline products are competitively priced and the Lifeline Airblast tubeless pump is no different. For the price, you get impressive performance and while it’s not the number one, it’s…

Score 8

Lifeline Performance MTB mini-pump

Lifeline is the in-house brand for Chain Reaction Cycles/Wiggle, and as you’d expect, this means value for money is a priority with all its products. The Performance MTB is its…

Score 7

Photo of the Lifeline Airblast Pump

If this pump looks familiar it’s because several manufacturers brand this up, but LifeLine is one of the cheapest and you can even get this online for around £35, making…

Score 9

Lifeline Pavo Motion 900

The official retail price for the Lifeline Pavo Motion 900 is £79.99, but it sells online at £59.99, so it looks like this is the real world price.

Score 7

lifeline pavo motion 2400

The Lifeline Pavo Motion 2400 has a unique ‘Motion Control’ feature, which uses technology similar to that found in the Exposure Six Pack.

Score 8