An impressive tool kit for the money, although it could be improved in areas.

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LifeLine Performance 39 Piece Tool Kit


  • Good selection for the cash. T-bar allen keys. Tough box with layers that can also store extra tools, rags and lubes. Individual quality spoke keys.


  • Not all tools offered here will be useful. Metal tyre levers are good for stubborn DH casings, but can also damage carbon rims. Missing a few crucial items. Box lacks organisation and gets messy fast.


LifeLine Performance 39-piece tool kit review


Price as reviewed:


LifeLine is one of CRC/Wiggle’s in-house brands, and it offers this comprehensive 39-piece tool box as a one-stop home repair solution. There are some really good tools here, but also some pieces that won’t see much use on a modern trail bike. Tools like seven different cone spanners, a crank pulling tool (that looks lacking in leverage) or a chainring bolt tool.

The tools come loose in an old-school tool box with no specific recesses or compartments for each individual item, so it quickly becomes disorganised. Being deep does mean you can add your own tools later, as well as lubes, cleaning products or rags. So while not the tidiest, it can work well if you like to take your tool kit with you to the trails. 

LifeLine Performance 39 Piece Tool Kit

The sturdy plastic box does lack compartments for organising the tools.

Overall quality is good. There are a lot of tools included, and most of them are well made and well finished. We really like the nine different allen keys (2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10mm) and the Torx key being proper T-bar designs with ergonomic cushioned handles. 

The chunky chain pin extractor is solid too, and drives smoothly so you don’t accidentally push rivets all the way out, but it’s only rated up to 10-speed chains, which isn’t much use in this day and age. The old-school fat chain whip looks like it’s for 10-speed drivetrains too, but does actually work/fit on a 12-speed cassette.

The tape measure is useful, as is the small magnetic parts dish for holding stray bolts.

There’s an included plastic roller bath chain cleaner, although it’s not  essential for mountain biking. By leaving it out you could get the £99.99 kit and save yourself £30. It’s not a tool we use regularly and if you really need one, CRC sells a LifeLine Pro version separately for £12. 

The external bottom bracket tool handily has the Shimano star tensioner for Hollowtech cranks built in, but in common with all the BB wrenches in this test; you’re basically out of luck with more exotic outer BB sizes like Hope or E*thirteen.

LifeLine Performance 39 Piece Tool Kit

Chainring bolt tool, spoke key, magnetic parts dish, cable cutters and tape measure are all included.

Having only one T25 Torx key is fine for adjusting brake levers and controls, but if you want to delve into bleeding brakes or have a modern MTB with smaller Torx bolts knocking around, you’ll need to add additional sizes too.


With a top-quality set of cutters, and a handy little magnetic metal tray for bits and bobs you didn’t realise you needed, this LifeLine box offers a good range of kit. The glaring omission is a set of chain link pliers, and the central cassette tool spike also means you can’t unscrew RockShox air caps, but overall we were impressed. 


Number of tools:39
Dimensions:19 x 41 x 38 cm