Cracking value for this much power, with a long run time and it charges quickly

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Lifeline Pavo Motion 2400


Lifeline Pavo Motion 2400 light review


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The Lifeline Pavo Motion 2400 has a unique ‘Motion Control’ feature, which uses technology similar to that found in the Exposure Six Pack.

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Hidden in the Pavo Motion 2400 is a small gyroscope that senses when you stop moving and dims the light by 50%. This happens gradually over a few seconds but it does light up again instantly when you start moving, you don’t have to wait for it to wake up. Obviously, this is not as sophisticated as the Exposure system, which actually dims the light when you’re riding uphill or just slowly, but reducing the power this way does extend the run time. It’s a neat feature but I think the function is more applicable to road use rather than something you’d benefit from on the trails, simply because if you stop at the top of a climb for chat you can just reach across and turn it down manually.

The Motion 2400 uses a similar machined aluminium barrel construction to the Six Pack but it’s over a 100g lighter weight and is much low profile. The mount fits 31.8mm bars and smaller with the rubber shim included. The bayonet style fitting requires a twist to locate and the interface is solid and the light doesn’t rattle.

With 7 Cree XP-G S4 LEDs mounted centrally, the Motion 2400 has a concentrated beam pattern, so getting the angle right can be tricky if you’re switching from fire road to singletrack. The only other thing I’d like to see is a proper battery life indicator than the colour-changing button on top of the light.

If I don’t really see the value in the Motion Control function for off-road riding is there any point buying this light? Absolutely – because you can run the light in constant mode, which has output levels of 2000, 1000 and 500 lumens. It’s also cracking value for a lamp with this much power, has a long run time and charges quickly.


Lumens:2,400, 1,200, 600