The Lifeline Pavo Motion 2400 has a unique ‘Motion Control’ feature, which uses technology similar to that found in the Exposure Six Pack.

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Lifeline Pavo Motion 2400


Lifeline Pavo Motion 2400 light review


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Like the Pavo Motion 900 we tested recently, the LifeLine Pavo Motion 2400 has the same unique Motion Control feature, which is also very similar to the Reflex+ found in the Exposure MaxxD. Once you come to a halt, this technology dims the light gradually over a few seconds by 50 per cent, preserving battery life. It’s not quite as sophisticated as the Exposure system, which actually reduces power when you’re riding uphill, but extending the run time is always a good way to get more powerful LEDs without needing bigger batteries.

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The Motion 2400 uses a similar machined aluminium barrel construction to the MaxxD, but it’s shorter, around 30g lighter in weight and is much low profile on the bar. The machined alloy mount fits 31.8mm bars and also smaller sizes with the rubber shim included. The bayonet style fitting is bit of a hydrid – it’s like a Garmin and Hope fitting combined. You do need to twist the light into the mount one way and it’s really stiff initially but it soon loosens up.

The Pavo Motion 2400 has a more focused beam pattern than most of the other bar lights, so we did have to compromise slightly on the angle – too low and we ended up coming into sections too hot. Too high and we missed all those nasty roots and rocks.
Switching modes just requires a long press, and while the on/off switch does flash when the battery is about to die, having the warning light this close to termination is a bit pointless. We’d like to see proper fuel gauge with staged warning.

The Motion Control is a really cool feature on a light this cheap. However you don’t have to use it – you can easily run the Lifeline Pavo Motion 2400 in constant mode, which has output levels of 2,000, 1,000 and 500 lumens.


Lumen:2,400, 1,200, 600
Run time:2, 2.45, 5.3hrs