The official retail price for the Lifeline Pavo Motion 900 is £79.99, but it sells online at £59.99, so it looks like this is the real world price*

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Lifeline Pavo Motion 900 light


Lifeline Pavo Motion 900 light review


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Like the Exposure units, the Lifeline Pavo Motion 900 is self-contained design and comes with a built-in Samsung rechargeable Li-Ion battery. It’s charged via Micro-USB, and a cable (not a charger as advertised) is included in the box. The light has an aluminium body, a single LED and a recessed on/off switch. Press and hold this button to access the primary mode, which has five settings, but hold it for longer and the button turns red and you can access the Motion Control mode. By using some internal sensors this will dim the lamp’s output by 50 per cent when you come to stop, the idea being it preserves battery life. Once rolling it jumps back to full power.

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Despite claiming it has 900 lumens, the output on the trail seems weaker and the light is also a little yellow. The beam is pretty concentrated with a bright central halo, which means it wasn’t over-powered too much by our bar light and we were able to pick out features on the trail.

The add-on helmet mount straps through the vents – it’s effective, but it’s too tall and the straps need cutting down because they’re about six inches too long.

The big selling point with the Lifeline Pavo Motion 900 though, is the Motion Control technology. It’s not unique, but to get it in a light at this price is impressive. Dovetail this with one of Lifeline’s 2,000 lumen Pavo front light and you could have a fit-and-forget light system.

*however, the helmet mount isn’t included, so that will set you back another £9.99.


Lumen:900, 450, 225
Run time:1.5, 3.3, 6.3hrs